Zuzanna – Gaga, IMG

Zuzanna StankiewiczGAGA Models (Poland)

Polaroids never lie. They show only the real beauty without make-up. Some girls are classical in them, and other ones are pretty and then come girls, like Zuzanna, who are simply gorgeous, without any mistake. It sounds unbelieveable, but it’s true. Zuzanna’s face is like a work of art, very symmetrical, harmonious, cute and flawless. She’s impressive and mysterious. Zuzanna’s brown eyes lead so much potential, like a street without an end. It’s Breathtaking. Very soon, in exactly 3 weeks, We will be able to see Zuzanna on the Runways from Milan and Paris. The 18 years old beauty with a height of 177m has the best team behind her, GAGA Models in Poland (mother agency), IMG Models in NY,Milan,London and Paris. Now open your eyes wide and take a look at her polaroids.