Zhenya N – Noah Models

Zhenya Novoselova @ Noahmodels (Russia)

Zhenya is a girl, who has definitely the certainly special, without any doubt. She hasn’t only a quite interesting face, like hundreds other girls. Zhenya has more, she has an unforgettable look, from her head up to her toes is everything, perfect. Such a well formed face, such uncanny gray eyes and such a gaze. Her expressions are difficult to describe, they are very fresh and unique with a touch of cuteness and a touch of softness. The young russian beauty has a height of 176 centimeters (83-58-87). She was discovered by our boutique agency, Noah models . Noah Models is a very noble office in Russia with many promising faces. Back to her. She made her first steps in Tokyo with Donna Models . Have a look at Zhenya’s glorious pictures. She’s definitely a girl, who has the chance of a promising career. Write Zhenya’s name down.