Xenia Weigandt is all about models member !

Xenia  Weigandt

Exclusive shooting of Xenia Weigandt for all about models.

by Omario Harfouch :

Well as every friday, we publish a model member on All about Models . But this time it’s a bit different  as we invited Xenia Weigandt to Paris for 2 days shooting exclusively for this publication, and to help her having pictures for her portofollio.

Everything started when I was preparing the publiction of the member of the week, 10 days ago. Xenia told me that she wanted to be a model, but the town where she lives, Osnabrück in Germany dosn’t  have a good photographers or good agencies. So as German girls don’t need a visa to come to Paris, I proposed to her to take in charge her shooting  with 2 different Parisien photographers ( both of them are members of all about models  Daniel Topic and  Olivier Jeanne-Rose ):  and then to publish her pictures on our site and to let agencies see her. Who know’s maybe it will help her finding quickly an agency in Paris or else. Xenia Weigandt’s measurements  are good for commercial work  ( 1,70 cm 80/59/85 ) .

Xenia Weigandt Xenia Weigandt
Xenia Weigandt Xenia Weigandt

exclusive pictures  for all about models : Xenia Weigandt by Daniel Topic.

Xenia arrived to Paris by train, it was her first time in a big town, and it wasn’t easy to find the places of shootings by herself, she said to me after getting back home to Germany . I explained to her that all the models have the same difficulties finding addresses in Paris, New York or Tokyo .. She told me that here 2 days was unforgettable, and she’s exited to see the result .

Anyway , this experience was nice for me to organise, and I hope that Xenia had fun to do it, and she will be happy discovering her pictures here .

xenia weigandts Xenia Weigandt

exclusive pictures  for all about models : Xenia Weigandt by Olivier Jeanne-Rose.

I believe that it will be nice to do this experience once a month . All About Models can give not only the visibility for the new faces on publishing them, but can also help them doing a new portefolio in Paris .

Xenia  Weigandt

Xenia Weigandt by Olivier Jeanne-Rose.

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