Women Milan
Address: Via Savona 58

20144, Milan, Italy

Phone: +39 02-47719-557

Fax: +39 02-42290-672

Website: www.womenmanagement.it

History of the agency:

Women Model Managemend was founded in New York in 1988 with an inspiration to embrace non traditional beauty. Over the past two decased Women has launched the carers of models such as Carmen Kass, Isablia Fontana, Julia Stegner, Kate Moss, Natasha Poly etc.
Women Milan was founded in 2002. They’re actually one of the best three agencies in Milan with a couple of well known faces.

Isabel Neumair, Isabeli Fontana, Isabelle Sauer, Iselin Steiro, Izabel Goulart

Toni Garrn, Ulrike Theusner, Ursula Konina, Valeria Dimitrienko, Valentina Zelyaeva

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