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Svetlana Zakharova @ Game Model Management (Paris)

The new year brought us not only new faces, it brought us as well new agencies, like Game Model Management in Paris. Game Model Management concentrates on the French high fashion market. That succeeds Game, through their ability for teamwork. And their eyes for fresh new faces. A new boutique agency is born in France.

Svetlana is newly signed at the board from Game. She has caught in our eyes, through her unique features. She has beside her silhouette of 5′9 (175m. 81-59-87) as well a look, that you probably won’t discover again. Svetlana has a well formed face, piercing blue eyes and a gaze, which is to describe with the certain touch of freshness and cuteness. In addition she has a more natural presence in front of the camera. Well, Svetlana comes from Russia and she was discovered by Avant Models in Moscow. Make sure to keep an eye on the 16 years old beauty … And make sure to have a look on Game Model Management’s models.