Way Model Management

Address: Reboucas, 3642
Paulistano, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Phone: + 55 11 2827 5500

Fax: + 55 11 2827 5509

Website: www.waymodel.com.br

History of the agency:
After many years acting on the Brazilian model market and being responsible for launching many talents both in Brazil and abroad Anderson Baumgartner and Zeca de Abreu joined forces in January 2007, opened the Way Model Management in São Paulo.Even with little time to market activity, the Way has established itself as one of the strongest and most exciting agencies in Brazil, providing an excellent service thanks to years of experience of its owners in the fashion market and a professional staff that works with a selective casting. In addition, the agency has a proper structure to define the professional profile of our models, monitor, mentor and manage their careers.The focus of the philosophy of the Way is appreciation of the personality of its models, betting on a new concept of beauty, more individual. For the agency, a model just can’t be a pretty face in the classic sense of beauty, must also have attitude, personality and outstanding features that revere their roots.Proof of this are the best known of Way like Carol Trentini, Alessandra Ambrosio, Cintia Dicker, Aline Nakashima,Ana Claudia Michels ,Fernanda Motta,and Rising stars Viviane Orht, Gracie Carvalho,Debora Muller,Lovani Pinnow,Thana Kuhnen.Although doesn’t do a model contests – a practice by many agencies to the general public – it became the desire of boys and girls who want to be tops.Building solid careers, respecting the wishes of our models and continue the relentless persuit of new tops, are features that make the Way of the most respected modeling agencies in Brazil.

Well known models, who are signed to Way Model Management:

Alessandra Ambrosio, Alicia Kuczman, Amanda Lopes, Ana Claudia Michels, Andressa Fontana

Camila Mignori, Carol Pantoliano, Caroline Trentini, Cintia Dicker, Claudia Seiler

Debora Muller, Drielle Valeretto, Fabiana Mayer, Isadora Di Domenico, Karin Adan
Lais Oliveira, Lovani Pinnow, Luana Teifke, Michella Cruz, Nathalie Edenburgh

Paula Lourenzo, Thana Kuhnen, Viviane Orth