Vita Sidorkina @ Cherie: ” i love to dream, and I also love the truth”

by Omario Harfouch & Anastasia Kirikova


Height: 173

Bust: 75

Waist: 57

Hips: 85

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Mother Agency – Cherie (Moscow, Russia)

Agencies (worldwide):

  • NYC (Silent)
  • Paris (Silent)
  • Donna (Tokyo)
  • Ave (Singapore)

About Vita….

Today, All About Models are proud and excited to bring you one of the most fascinating members of our social network, the rising star of the world’s catwalks - Vita Sidorkina. Be careful, when you view her photos, do not fall in love with her at first sight can not be.

Vita came to us from Khabarovsk, the beauty the world has opened up the model – young, but very progressive agency Cherie Models (Moscow). Despite the fact that Vita is working just over a year, she had a lot to surprise us. First, a trip to Greece where she could shoot for The clue, Madame Figaro, Cosmopolitan, Mitos. Also she did the best editorials and covers on Singapore and Japan
An important step for the Vita was signing with the agency Silent (New York & Paris), and perhaps one of the most important steps in the career model is the first fashion week in New York! But here, too Vita has not ceased to surprise us: she opened 2 shows: Rebecca Minkoff (she also covered the show) and Tory burch, and participated in shows ADAM, Band of Outsiders, Carmen Marc Valvo. Not bad for a beginner, is not it?Further, the fashion week in Paris, and again a surprise from the lovely Vita – participated in one of the most anticipated shows Hermes, as well as Moncler Gamme Rouge.

According to All About Models, this angelic clear blue eyes, from which it is impossible to come off an incredible photogenic, and the ability to transform the camera, as well as power and energy, which passes from the runway Vita, Will long continue to delight us more and more! Since we believe that the star under the name Vita Sidorkina already lights in the fashion of Olympus!

AAM: How and when did you started modeling ?

Vita:I started modeling in my city in a small agency when i was 13… but after 2 years i found “Cherie” agency in Moscow…and they invited me. As soon as I started to work with them a month later I was already in Greece.

AAM: How would you describe yourself ?

Vita:Difficult to describe itself ….mmm…i think frandly, purposeful, i love to dream, and I also love the truth.

AAM: What are in your opinion the best things in the modeling world ?

Vita:Oh it’s a lot of things! traveling, meeting new people … but many other different things which in ordinary life will never see. Modeling world….it’s just short time of a beautiful great life…

AAM: You did many fashion shows. Are you still nervous before the show starts ? And how do you feel when you walk on the runway ?

Vita:Not realy a lot but….for a first time i think it’s good result. I still nervous but not like in a first time)

AAM: Are there any models that inspire you ?

Vita:I can not say that someone inspires me …. but we have so many Russian models that I like.

AAM: Do you have any beauty secrets hat you would like to share with us ?

Vita: Don’t have any secret, but I think that the pledge of beauty and health = healthy food!

AAM: What are your goals in modeling?

Vita:Of course, I build some plans for myself …. but first and fore most I am a model just because I like it, it’s part of my life, without which at the moment I can not!

AAM: Tell us a little more about your hobbies. What are you doing when you’re not working?

Vita:I don’t have a special hobby…but free time prefer to spend in gym or doing Pilates.

AAM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Vita:Who know what gonna happend tomorrow….I do not like guessing but I would like the family a big house and at least 2 children …. probably a simple female happiness!)

AAM: What do you think of All About Models ?

Vita:I think this is a very interesting project aims to introduce new faces to people. Good luck and kiss From Vita

Vita Sidorkina , is a member of our social network

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