Vacation Model Management

Address: Vlademara Street 57/59 – 16

1010, Riga, Lativa

Phone: + 371 67338825

Fax: + 271 22 323427


History of the agency:
In 1995, Zigmunds Lipins and Robins Kasjanovs – two of the most sought-after male models in Latvia – established the first male model agency in the Baltic States, Vacatio. in Latin, Vacatio means independence, freedom, breaking free. Our independence provides the widest opportunities for our models, freedom is a privilege earned from responsible work and actions; consistent improvement is the road to breaking free. Since 1997, Vacatio has been managed by Zigmunds Lipins and Ieva Lipina. Vacatio also represents female models. Consistent, responsible and a personal approach has earned us the trust of many models, helping us become the most famous Latvian model agency in the world and the highest-ranking agency among clients and professionals in Latvia.

Well known models, who are signed to Vacation Model Management:

Anastasija Kondratjeva, Auguste Abeliunaite

Featured models on All about Models: