Unique Models

Address: Snaregade 12 # 2

1205, Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone: +45 33 12 00 55

Fax: +45 33 12 05 50

Website: www.unique.dk

History of the agency:
Unique Models opened its doors in Copenhagen in 1989 with one vision, to establish itself as a strong commercial agency under the energy and direction of CEO Jaqueline Friis-Mikkelsen.Today Unique Models has not only succeeded in its ambition, but has expanded to include three divisions, Unique, Edge and Look. The Unique division maintains the agency1s original desire to provide strong commercial models. Edge, developed in 2001, focuses on providing fresh models for fashion and editorial, while the Look division focuses on showcasing stylists and makeup artists of the highest caliber.Unique prides itself on professionalism and dedication within the industry. This website has been developed to make booking with Unique as simple as possible in an effort to meet the increased demands of our beauty, fashion and advertising clients. It offers you the ability to view models with minimal loading time, keep several set cards on file, and email a model1s book effortlessly. We hope that it not only meets your needs, but exceeds your expectations.

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