TOP MODEL Vika Leonard-Falileeva : “I missed my first casting because i was young, nervous and first time in Paris”

TOP MODEL Vika Leonard-Falileeva by Omario Harfouch for All About Models

TOP MODEL Vika Leonard-Falileeva & Omario Harfouch

by Omario Harfouch

Model of the Day : Vika Leonard-Falileeva

Measurement: 179 82/57/86
Mother Agency FLmodelsmanagement
Agencies: DNA (NY)

Silent (Paris)

Monster (Milan)

UNO (Spain)

Premier (London)

Insta @vikafalileeva

1) Tell us..How and when did you started modeling ?

One day, I was on the bus going home when a man approached my sister and asked her if she wanted to become a model. He didn’t even look at me. A few days later, I went along with my sister to the appointment at the agency, but everyone looked at me instead of her. One month after I started modeling in Paris.

2) Do you remember your first casting? Tell me how it was.
In fact if we really speak of my first casting, we can not because I missed it! I was so nervous that I could not find the good adress, I was young and first time in an other country than mine, and Paris was so different. I wanted so much to go but it was already too late when I arrived and the client was not there anymore….

3) In which countries do you managed to work? Where you liked most ?

Actually I work mostly in Europe, France Italy, London, Spain but I can go in Stockholm when I am booked for H&M, or Budapest for the next commercial of a Fragance and of Course in New York too.
I love New York because it is life for me!! Always moving, always something to do..for the moment I love it..

4) How would you describe yourself ?
Do you think I can describe myself? It is too difficult to speak of me because I am too shy and probably not proud enough to do it! But the only thing I can say is that I do everything to get what I want. And if I fall my motto is to “get back up and try again”!

5) What are in your opinion the best things in the modeling world ?
I love the artistic side, the creation! I have a sister who can do what she wants with her fingers, she paints so good, and she can create something amazing just with a piece of wood or a paper.
I paint as well!
When I see nice clothes or nice pictures I wonder how the idea could go out of a brain of someone.
So I try to to do some pictures either.

6) Please tell us what the last job has left you have the greatest impression ?

For sure the film I just did in Budapest for a Fragance, it was just amazing not only to do it but to see how they create for example fake shower rain…It is completely different to do a video or a film than to do shows or pictures, it is really an other job.

7) You did fashion shows. Are you nervous before the show starts ? And how do you feel when you walk on the runway ?
My first really big show was for Elie Saab during Haute Couture Fashion Week in July 2010. I went in two weeks before the show for a fitting, and I was so nervous that I hardly slept. I was having nightmares of falling down in that massive dress. In the end, it turned out to be a perfect and exciting day.
Now I am still nervous but as soon as I am on the Stage I forget everything and I just focus on my walk and enjoy the moment.

8 ) Are there any models that inspire you ?
For sure Natash Poly! Do not ask me why!

9) What are your favorite sports, how much do you exercise and how do you manage your diet to stay in shape?
I started gymnastic when I was 6 years old. I did many competition all over Russia, so much training, I was in the team of my city Irkustk so my life was gymnastic. I quite when I was 16 years old because it was too difficult and dangerous for my health and I decided anyway to be model.
So because of these years of training I know how to take care of my body and shape. I am very lucky because I can eat globally what I want without taking over weight. But I still work a lot and do exercices home, and I play tennis, swim.

10) Do you have any beauty secrets that you would like to share with us ?
The best beauty secret is to have an healthy life!!!It is better and less expensive than any cream! But I know it is not always easy… so often go to Spa, it is really the best to get back energy..

11) Tell us a little more about your hobbies. What are you doing when you’re not working?
I love to go to the sea, to swim and to go to the Spa. I love diving to see turtle, sharks or others amazing fishes like if you are in an aquarium.
I play tennis and love Bowling.
But now I spend a lot of time to develop my own Mother model agency and it is very interesting. I want to give my experience to the girls and I love it!!

12) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
To be modest let’s say in the Top Best Models :)

13) What do you think of All About Models ?
It is a very good idea to do it, plus it is quality and it is an easy way for many people to be in touch with the Model Business! I Hope and Wish the best for many years to All About Models!!