Tima @ Tann models : “Cute and nice guy with red hair and white eyebrows.”

by Omario Harfouch & Anastasia Kirikova:

Model of the DAY : Tima
Measurements :

Height: 187

Bust – 88

Waist – 65

Hips – 88

Mother agency: TANN Model Management (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Agencies worldwide:

  • Modelwerk – Berlin

  • Ave – Singapore

AAM: How and when did you started modeling ?

Tima:I’ve been starting to work as a model in my hometown Ufa, Russia. I was noticed by the local photographer and she offered to make photo test. I then began to work with other photographers. And the ability to take some time off later I noticed my mother’s agency TANN Model Management and I am very happy!

AAM: Do you remember your first casting? Tell me how it was.

Tima:Yes, I remember. I was very upset when we were elected, all the while thinking you’re lucky I work with them or not, but in the end my worries were not justified, they took me:)

AAM: Names of designers you would love to work with.

Tima:I would like to work with labels such as Lanvin, Burberry, Chanel , Dior.

AAM: How would you describe yourself ?

Tima:This is a difficult question! Cute and nice guy with red hair and white eyebrows. I do not know what else to say.

AAM: What are in your opinion the best things in the modeling world ?

Tima:I think there is a lot of good in the modeling world, but one of the best, is to be among the first who touched and was a part of something beautiful and amazing:)

AAM: Please tell us what the last job has left you have the greatest impression?

Tima:Oh, it was in St. Petersburg. We had a shot in the studio and in-between we had fun, played badminton, talked, danced. It was wonderful just being there:)

AAM: You did fashion shows. Are you nervous before the show starts ? And how do you feel when you walk on the runway ?

Tima:Oh yes! I am worried, very worried, but when I came to the podium and saw the room in which many people were and they all looked at me, my fears disappeared and I felt I was the happiest man on earth!

AAM: Are there any models that inspire you ?

Tima:Yes, they are, but it has been a long time since I have seen them, unfortunately. It was Alice Gibb and Carmen Dell’Orefice.

AAM: What are your favorite sports, how much do you exercise and how do you manage your diet to stay in shape?

Tima:My favorite sports are badminton, running and swimming, I love being in the water and swimming in particular. I allocate an hour a day for exercise and diet I don’t do.  I just do not eat meat, and being careful what I eat and the same time how much I eat.

AAM: Do you have any beauty secrets that you would like to share with us ?

Tima:I have no special secrets, I just try to follow their appearance and eat properly.

AAM: Tell us a little more about your hobbies. What are you doing when you’re not working?

Tima:I am studying to be a  painter in Ufa. In my spare time I paint, read books, sing, listen to music and meet with friends. I love to sing and draw, but I can’t sing, but I like it:)

AAM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Tima:I don’t want to look that far, I hope I will not be worse, only better.

AAM: What do you think of All About Models?

Tima: I think this is a good site because it helps people to get to know other models. I like it!:)

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