This is “All About Nicole Demeshik” – interview with one of the best photographer

by Omario Harfouch and Anastasia Kirikova :


AAM: Hi, Nicole. Tell us..Do u have your own shooting style? Can u tell us about it?

Nicole:At the beginning of my work, I started test shootings with sensuality, sexuality, tenderness, vulnerability. But over time, I often pay attention to what I was beginning to get images of strong and purposeful with own unique inner core. At the same time does not remain without my attention calm and confident images. Without realizing it, I bring a different vision on the picture, and as a consequence, changing my taste and style. Pictures requires continuous development and perfection. You have to be the subject of all.

AAM: Tell me, how do u usually do test shooting? Do you meet a model before the shooting, or enough for u to see her pictures or video?

Nicole:It is not necessary to meet with the model before test shooting, for me enoght photos and video to choose the model. This is a test shoot for a fee that is totally different from the creative shots. Despite a busy schedule, I spend a lot of time to choose a model for creative shooting. It is very important. Accordingly, there exists and communication, and personal meetings that I spend a lot of attention. It is easier to understand how to work with a model for new ideas.

AAM: How do you establish contact with the model? Do you like to control the pose of model or u prefer when she moves by herself, and you just shoot?

Nicole:I usually begin with a simple conversation, how her mood is today, what her feeling in tnis moment, maybe even talk to some abstract themes, thus easier to reach mutual understanding. What about control of movements it all depends on the personality of the model and my talent. Sometimes, when I devote a model to the details of shooting, she takes the initiative and I am even more inspiring. And it also happens that, under the full control to achieve the ideas that I have conceived. There is no formul solutions in my job.

AAM: Where do you get clothes for test shootings? Do you work with stylists? Do you plan test shooting in details or you do shooting by the situation?

Nicole: I have been work closely with my stylist Vera Salikhova for one year, who provides all cloths for test shootings. I completely trust her to choose, because she feels my ideas. For test shooting I have just idea, but never think anout details, coz don’t wanna make something simple. Spontaneity will give better results. At the beginning of my career I thought about details even more than once. But over time, realized that this is not necessary and interferes with creative development. Recently, I was less interested in testing, I turned my eyes to the world of haute couture, a world exclusive and luxury fashion.

AAM: Do u do test shootings for men? What is different between shooting with men and women?

Nicole: Of course I do male test shootings, though less frequently than female. Female images are wider, I can say even more interesting in some moments, but working with man allow quickly achieve the desired result. Man are faster discover their talents, I can say delve into the essence of the image.

AAM: What do you think is more important, beauty of the model or personality?What is inspire you?

Nicole:Of course, beauty and personality together. If model feel herself not comfortable or uncertain it can bring some problemduring the shooting and inspire is dissappeare. During the shooting model and her professional work can inspire me.

Nicole Demeshik is an All About Models member : Nicole’s personal page on All About Models