This is “All About Djameel” – interview with most promising young photographer

By Omario Harfouch and Anastasia Kirikova :


AAM: Hi Djameel …!!!Tell us a little bit more about yourself and how you got into photography

Djameel: Hi… I am Djameel, i am 26 and was born in Soviet Union (USSR). I don’t have art education, i don’t know why but i like pictures so much. I had working on a manager position for two years before one moment. And all days i had looking pictures and interesting everinthing close to pictures. It was 2007 year. In 2009 i came in the best model agency in Russia – IQ models and said wanna do some pictures for them. I remember very well my first test shooting. Dasha Mikhailova was my first model for test shooting. May be Dima Chernikov belived in me in that moment. I started to work with IQ models. In three months i had already my own studio. Like this, not in harry i have already moved in Paris to work with the best models agencies in the world. You will see it soon.

AAM: Do you remember your first job as photographer? Tell me how it was.
Djameel: Yes, i remember this moment. I came to Dima (IQmodels) and he said i need to make some pictures for Ksyusha Konoplyasova, I don’t remember why our opinion was different on that moment and i did some pictures for Dasha Mikhailova. May be it was fate. LOL

AAM: How would you describe your work and style?

Djameel: I m not think about this. Just move forward not matter what.

AAM: Do you mainly use film or digital? Any preferences?

Djameel: I stydied to work with digital camera and use it now, but i like film too. In our days to work with film is spend too much time and not profitable from a commercial point of view. But it’s my personal opinion

AAM: How is your attitude at work? And what do other people say about working with you?
Djameel: I like to shoot, like to listen and do music, inspire female body – it’s amazing. I had a difficult time in life. But I passed. I was in a fog. But all this is over. Stronger was that I could not get out of Russia. But now all behind us. Weak men had gone away envious of my life. I like my job. People who work with me now (it is me) and my team is work good together.

AAM: Please tell us what the last job has left you have the greatest impression?

Djameel: Yes I had one, but now but now ll not reveal all the cards. Soon u will see.

AAM: Is there any model in specific with which you would like to work with in future?
Djameel: Lara stone , and wanna shoot Mila Jovovic (just i like her so much)

AAM: Which has been your favourite photo shoot?
Djameel: With Cordelia Kuznetsova , (i call her Cordilyuk – just she knows why) for IMG models

AAM: Do you have your own test shooting style? Can u tell me about this more?

Djameel: May be, but exactly I’ll not tell about this, because when moved to Paris, realized everinthing what i did before in Moscow it was bullshit. First – because there is nobody waiting for u here, even if u have very good connections, second – to rent a studio is very expensive, third – level life is hight enough.
The first what explained to me in Paris it was try to do simple photos, shouldn’t prove smth to smbd, just do what u can, but simple.

AAM: Can u tell me how do u usually do test shootings? Have u meet with models before shooting or enogh just some photos, or for example, videos?
Djameel: Actually I’m not think about this if it’s test shooting. I work without stylists and in Paris it’s really help me.

AAM: How you start to connection with model? Do you like to control model’s pose or prefer when she move by herself and u just make pictures?

Djameel: I m very funny person, but if model come late, I’ll screem. Often we have talk about everything and in one hour test shooting will be finish.

AAM: Where do u take cloths for test shootings? Have u working with stylists. Have u think about details of test shootings or u like

Djameel: I buy smth by myself or ask model to bring what she need. There is no stylists in Moscow (expect Sasha Rogov and Asya Bareeva). I realized it just in Paris. Stylist in Paris it’s like a painter. I m not think about details of test shootings. Actually Asya is my close friend. Sorry about stylists, just if u come in Paris and see how they working here u’ll know what i mean. Our stylists should learn more, not screem.

AAM: What do u think is more important for model: look or power engineering? What is ur inspire?

Djameel: In any way it s better when this two factors work together. I like female’s body, lines, boundary. Everything in female’s body is inspire me. But i don’t want anyone model when i do shooting, it s real. Betrayal – it’s a sin for me.

AAM: And last one question – What do you think of All About Models?

Djameel: Well done. I LOVE YOU)

Djameel is an All About Models member :