The girls to watch in Spring Summer 2011

Thew fashion week will arrive already very soon. All about Models is happy to introduce you the girls to watch, who never walked before the fashion week. You should keep you eyes opened for them.

Check them out:

Alisa Bachurina, Annabelle Tsabouka, Annie Hamill, Arien Lopez, Basia S, Caroline West
Charlotte Benson
, Claire Campbell, Chloe Memisevic, Colleen Miner, Dafne Cejas, Daphne Groeneveld

Emily Senko, Emily Wake, Esme Wissels, Fabiana Mayer, Hanne BrĂ¼ning, Herieth Paul

Hildie Gifstad, Ilva Hetmann, Iris Egbers, Irina Shipunova, Jiang Xio Yi, Kat Hessen

Katie Whitley, Katja Verheul, Katja Borghuis, Kel Markey, Kristina Romanova, Ksenia Manalova

Linn Arvidsson, Luisa Bianchin, Maddie Kulicka, Mariana Santana, Mary Cann, Melinda Szepesi

Melodie, Milou Sluis, Misha Ka, Molly Kucera, Nadiia Shapoval, Nina Porter
Omayra Ventura
, Paula Lourenzo, Polina Barbasova, Simone, Sonja, So Young Kang

Yenny Garcia, Zhi Lily

* We’re just received brilliant news. Chloe Memisevic will be a part of the new Richard Chai fashion show!