Talia Model Management

Address: Marina Drzica 37

10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: + 385 1 618 03 09

Fax: + 385 1 618 03 09

Website: www.taliamodel.com

History of the agency:
TALIA MODEL – active since 1998. An enviable number of successful models in a short period of time was not a problem for me – it is a result of years of experience in finding and preparing young people to face the world of fashion. I do not accept girls or boys for whom I know from the start that they are not cut out for the fashion calling. In my agency there are no delusions, no membership dues, no slave – holding contracts. This is an agency in which you really do have to work and we do not build up false hopes for anyone.

Well known models, who are signed to Talia Model Management:

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