Swedish Model of the Day Therese Fischer : “The moment before the show start is scary”

by Omario Harfouch

Model of the Day : Therese Fischer

-Height: 5′9
-Bust 33
-Waist 25,5
-Hips 35,5
Mother agency: Elite Models, Stockholm.
Agencies (worldwide)
Ford Models (US)
Storm Models (London)
Women Management (Milan)
M4 Models (Berlin, Hamburg)
Vision Models (Cape Town)
Chadwick Models (Sydney)
Elite Models (Copenhagen)
1) Tell us..How and when did you started modeling ?
I was discovered by a photographer 3 years ago when I moved to London. He introduced me to an agency that wanted to sign me.
2) Do you remember your first casting? Tell me how it was.
I don’t really remember my first casting. I know I wasn’t really nervous but just more excited to meet the client and make a good impression.
3) In which countries do you manage to work? Where you liked the most?
I’ve worked in New York, LA, Milan, London, Sydney, Berlin, Hamburg, Cape Town, Copenhagen and Canada. I love working in NY and LA. Cape Town was beautiful and London is always vibrant and busy!
4)  How would you describe yourself ?
I’m a very spiritual and positive-thinking person. I put allot of pressure on myself to grow as a person and in my work. I love having fun and surround myself with good energy.
5)  What are in your opinion the best things in the modeling world ?
Being able to meet new people, see different cultures and travel to places I normally would’ve never gone to.
6)  Please tell us about the best impression from modeling?
7)  You did fashion shows. Are you nervous before the show starts ? And how do you feel when you walk on the runway ?
I’m always nervous, but it’s a good nervous. The moment before the show start is scary but once your out on the runway and almost done, then I just want to do it all over again.
8)  Are there any models that inspire you ?
Not really, but I love me some Kate Moss!
9)  What are your favorite sports, how much do you exercise and how do you manage your diet to stay in shape?
When I was younger I played soccer and handball. I was really good at it and had practice 4-5 times a week. I later started dancing and formed a group. To keep in shape I have a personal trainer and I workout 5 times a week. I eat healthy and try to be as active as I can.
10) Do you have any beauty secrets hat you would like to share with us ?
Drink a lot of water! It cleans out the body and gives a healthy looking skin. Get enough sleep and eat allot of fruits.
11) Tell us a little more about your hobbies. What are you doing when you’re not working?
I love music and I just started DJing. I’m also taking acting classes and find it really exciting!
12) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
With a growing and successful career, a husband and kids living in a beautiful big house, preferably near the beach.
13) What do you think of All About Models ?
I think the website looks great. An exciting platform to explore and read about models from all over the world.