Hanna Rundlöf

A summer interview with

WHO HANNA IS: Hanna is a quite well known model. She’s doing fashion shows all over the world, only the biggest of the biggest.

All about Models : Hanna, where is your favorite place ?

Hanna Rundlöf : My favourite place is my home town, Falköping. Its small and cousy and I know most of the people there. There is no place like home! :)

All about Models : What is your favourite summer drink ?

Hanna Rundlöf : My favourite summer drink is cocacola! Im addicded. Haha..

All about Models: What is your favourite summer food ?

Hanna Rundlöf : For sure, babercued food with swedish fresh potatoes and a nice salad!

All about Models: Do you like summer more or winter ?

Hanna Rundlöf : I love summer. Because i love beeing outside and go swimmng! I do like winter when its a lot of snow so I can go skiing.. But as i guess most of the people think i like summer more!

All about Models: What is your favourite music ?

Hanna Rundlöf : It is alternative pop and indie rock! My favourite band is Mando diao.

Enjoy !