AAM new faces of F/W 2010

The fashion week has finished, new trends arrived and of course new promising faces conquered the runways all over the world. Well, we had the idea to introduce our top new faces here in a little post with our own created cards + we made also at the end of the post a little update about All about Models’s faces.

We made our decision with different factors: look, time in the modeling industry, surprise effect, shows quality (O + C) & if the girl walked in certain shows (Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Prada & Topshop) Feel free to tell us your feedback! That are our top 15 new faces of F/W 2010 !

Name: Simona Andrejic
Age/Measurements: 16 years / 177m. 80-61-88
Nationality: Serbian
Features: Lovely, natural, unusual,
Agencies: Elite (Milan & Paris), Marilyn (NY)
Shows: 45 shows 2 opened – 3 closed

All about Models *NUMBER 2 in F/W 2010

Name: Carla Gebhart
Age/Measurements: 15 years / 182m. 85-60-90
Nationality: Argentinian
Features: Cool, fresh, variously
Agencies: Civiles (Buenos Aires) DNA (NY), Viva (Barcelona, London & Paris) Why Not (Milan)
Shows: 24 shows 1 opened
All about Models *NUMBER 3* in F/W 2010

Name: Lais Ribeiro
Age/Measurements: 18 years / 180m. 80-58-84
Nationality: Brazil
Features: Almost a doll, cute, unique
Agencies: Joy (Sao Paulo), Women (Milan,New York & Paris)
Shows: 24 shows
All about Models *NUMBER 4* in F/W 2010

Name: Patricia Van der Vliet
Age/measurements: 20 years old / 180m. 84-60-88
Nationality: Dutch
Features: strong, unique and simply beautiful
Agencies: MTA (Amsterdam), Elite (Milan & Paris), New York Models (NY), UNION (London)
Shows: 50 shows 1 opened – 2 closed
All about Models *NUMBER 5* in F/W 2010

Name: Caroline Brasch Nielsen
Age/measurements: unknown / 179m. 78-58-84
Nationality: Danish
Features: fresh, eye-catching & promising
Agencies: Elite (Copenhage, Milan, New York & Paris)
Shows: 15 shows 2 opened
All about Models *NUMBER 6* in F/W 2010

Name: Lisanne De Jong
Age/measurements: 20 years / 179m. 85-61-88
Nationality: Dutch
Features: Convincing, strong, blonde
Agencies: Ulla (Amsterdam), Elite (NY), Joy (Milan), Nathalie (Paris), Tess (London)
Shows: 63 shows
1 opened – 1 closed
All about Models *NUMBER 7* in F/W 2010

Name: Kirsi Pyrhonen
Age/Measurements: 16 years / 182m. 82-60-90
Nationality: Finnish
Features: Fresh, promising, soft
Agencies: Brand (Helsinki), DNA (New York) Viva (London, Paris)
Shows: 8 shows 2 opened – 1 closed
All about Models *NUMBER 8* in F/W 2010

Name: Julia Nobis
Age/measurements: unknown / 180m. 81-58-86
Nationality: Australia
Features: cool, unusual, variously
Agencies: Priscillas (Australia), Elite (Milan, New York & Paris), Premier
Shows: 33 shows 1 opened
All about Models *NUMBER 9* in F/W 2010

Name: Tetyana Melnychuk
Age/Measurements: 16 years / 177m. 80-58-88
Nationality: Ukrainian
Features: A young Anya Kazakova, truthful cute, glorious hazel eyes
Agencies: Marilyn (New York), Nathalie (Paris), Storm (London) Women (Milan)
Shows: 24 shows 2 opened – 1 closed
All about Models *NUMBER 10* in F/W 2010

Name: Marike Le Roux
Age/measurements: 18 years / 179m. 84-58-86
Nationality: South Africa
Features: Eye-catching, promising, variously
Agencies: Specimen (USA) Marilyn (Paris), Models1 (London) Why Not (Milan) Wilhemia (NY)
Shows: 49 shows 1 opened – 1 closed
All about Models *NUMBER 11* in F/W 2010

Name: Antonella Graef
Age/Measurements: 19 years / 180m. 81-58-88
Nationality: Argentinian
Features: Antique, lovely, unique
Agencies: Hype (Argentina), Ford (NY), Premier (London), Why Not (Milan), Women (Paris)
Shows: 32 shows 3 opened – 1 closed
All about Models *NUMBER 12* in F/W 2010

Name: Barbara Palvin
Age/measurements: 16 years/ 174m. 80-60-88
Nationality: Hungarian
Features: Melancholy, natural & young

Agencies: IMG
(London, Milan, New York & Paris)
Shows: 9 shows
All about Models *NUMBER 13* in F/W 2010

Name: Emilia Nawarecka
Age/measurements: unknown / 178m. 84-58-84
Nationality: Polish
Features: confident, fresh, variously in front of the camera
Agencies: D’Vision (mother agency), NEXT (London, Milan, New York & Paris)
Shows: 32 shows 3 opened
All about Models *NUMBER 14* in F/W 2010

Name: Kristina Krivomazova
Age/Measurements: 16 years / 178m. 82-58-86
Nationality: Kazakhstan
Features: Fresh, doll look, very melancholy
Agencies: Noah (Russia), Marilyn (New York & Paris), Storm (London), Why Not (Milan)
Shows: 24 shows 1 opened – 2 closed
All about Models *NUMBER 15* in F/W 2010

We would also like to update you with some of our faces, that we’ve introduced here during the past.

Let’s start with Veroniek Gielkens. She has caught in our eyes with her fantastic editorial in the Russian Marie Claire, that we had also introduced on All about Models, in January . We would like to tell you some news about Veroniek. She started to walk her first season in New York and that in shows, like (click on the designer names to see the pictures of Veroniek) Y-3, Mark Fast & Suno. Well, what a great start for Veroniek. We are looking forward for the next season with her.
Et voilá, another surprise is Sofia Krawczy. She’d been on All about Models in January with her briliant single polaroids. It was exactly three weeks ago, when Sofia started to walk her first season in Milan. And that in Shows like, (click on the designer names to see the pictures of Sofia) Blugirl, Byblos,Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani. She’s now as well with in Milan with Elite ModelsWell, our last, but not least update is Laura Schuller, who kicked at the moment the cover of 160g Magazine. She has inside the magazine as well a strong editorial, that you can see here (click)

We would also like to congratulate Marlena Szoka, who had a strong season too, with 36 shows. Marlena walked in shows like, D&G;, Jil Sander & Marc Jacobs. She was discovered by DZ-Management and is signed with fashion in Milan, Nathalie in Paris and Storm in London. At the end, we have to tell you, that we didn’t forget Melissa Tamarijn. She has caught in our eyes as well, and that’s why, we will tell you now more about her. Melissa had a fantastic first season. She walked in all the best shows, exactly in 37 shows. And only the best ones. In addition, she had an exclusive for Calvin Klein in New York. Well, there is a big future in front of Melissa. She’s signed with D Management in Milan, Nathalie Models in Paris, New York Models & Union in London.