Simona – Supermodels

Simona @ Supermodels (Lithuania)

Imagine a young beauty, who has a look, which is a bit like from a princess. Well, we see such faces not often, but at this weekend, we have discovered such a princess beauty in Natalie Berezina’s works. (Natalie Berezina is definitely one of the leading photographers in Lativa. Each of her picture is impressive.) Back to our princess beauty. Her name is Simona. She’s with Supermodels in Lithuania. Simona has caught in our eyes from the first seconds on. She has a well formed face with lovely eyes. And a gaze, which is unique, playful and fresh. Simona has a height of 5′8m. (84-60-90). She’s not the tallest but with such a face, she needn’t to be taller. Simona is definitely a girl with a rising potential. Write the name of the princess beauty down !