She’s cuter, than cute – Vanessa


Vanessa Zamiani @ Way Models (Brazil)

Yes, she is named Vanessa and, she’s the girl, who has caught in our eyes during the Brazilian fashion shows, in that she 16 promising shows walked. Vanessa, who’s also 16 years old, was discovered by Way Models. She has brown hair, dark brows and a face, that you can’t overlook, it’s unusual. Big melancholy eyes and a gaze, which is to describe with the certainly special. Vanessa has an endless silhouette of 179m. (76-59-86). Her attitudes in front of the camera are definitely convincing. We don’t have any single doubt in her, and her future. She’s a girl, who will have a future in this business. Make sure to keep an eye on Vanessa’s career and to have a look at Vanessa on