Rush Models

Address: Kompozitorskaya, 17 office 58

121099, Moscow, Russia

Phone: + 7 495 960 2177


History of the agency:
Opened in 2001 in Moscow scouting center Rush Models is focused on scouting of new faces and promotion models on the international modeling markets.

Our models are working in leading world’s model agencies of Europe, USA and Asia.
Together with Siberian model agency Russkiy Blesk we organize the contest of professional models New Look with the incitation of representatives of famous foreign agencies.

The success of our agency depends on successful work of our models directly. Therefore we are engaged in promotion of each model individually and we take care of our girls during all period of work with Rush Models.

Well known models, who are signed to Rush Models:

Aleksandra Tsyganenko, Anna Baruskova

Featured models on All about Models: