Ragazza Model Management

Address: Jan Steenstraat 12

7771 WX, Hardenberg, The Netherlands

Phone: + 31 85 773 03 03

Fax: + 31 85 773 03 04

Website: www.ragazzamodelmanagement.com

History of the agency:
Founded in 2006, Ragazza Model Management is a young, synamic and exclusive boutique agency committed to promoting talent and exciting new faces to the international high fashion industry.

Ragazza Model Management is an agency of unique, interesting, beautiful faces and has been on the fast to become one of the most prestigious modelling agencies in the Netherlands. In Italian Ragazza meand girl so we represent women only.

The company was established by former model and director of the agency Liberty Biesman.

Well known models, who are signed to Ragazza Model Management:

Featured models on All about Models: