Paul Rowland’s polaroid diary

He is the one, that everybody know about, Paul Rowland. A genius in the modeling industry, president of Ford Models New York, owner of Women Model Management & Supreme Management and photographer. Paul Rowland has more, than 20 years experiences in the industry.

Paul Rowland was born in Arkansas in the USA. He left his home town and moved to New York City with the dream to become a painter. Not long after this he founded Women Management and Supreme Models. Paul Rowland founded Women Management in 1989. In his more than 15 years of professional experience, he has made transformation from model to founder of his own agency, and is credited for establishing a unique roster of talent known for personality and accessibility previously unseen in the business.

Paul Rowland built the careers of many topmodels, such as Hanne Gaby Odile, Iris Strubegger, Kate Moss and many more.

Here’re you can see 300 select polaroids of Paul Rowland works!

All polaroids can be found here: and in special projects too