Ma Trésors Qualite

Watersteeg 2A

2311 HZ, Leiden, The Netherlands

Phone: + 31 610763825


History of the agency:
MTQ was established on September 28th 2009. The founder of the agency – Sylvia Reyn – has been modeling for years herself and always had the dream to start her own modeling agency.

MTQ has the version that people are beautiful just the way they are. We do not push models to lose much weight. That is the strength of this agency. MTQ has 4 divisions, a fashion division for boys and girls, a commercial division and a senior division.

The guidance of MTY to her models goes further than usual. Aylvia Reyn can help her models in many areas of life, thanks to her experience as sociotherapist. That is a very special ability, somethng MTQ is very proud of.

Well known models, who are signed to Ma Trésors Qualite:

Featured models on All about Models:

Daisy-May, Remy, Silke