I Model Management

Address: 303, 1235 17th ave South/West

T2T 0C2, Calgary Alberta, Canada

Phone: + 1 403 697 8554

Fax: + 403 228 7735

Website: www.imodelmanagement.ca

History of the agency:
I Model Management started back in the late 80’s as a vehicle to promote Western Canadian male models on an international level. The vision of the agency has always been to be small, fresh and selective, with the ability to provide our local and international clients with unique and exclusive faces.

Since then, under the direction of two passionate individuals and a handful of agents and scouts, the vision remains the same only recently opening the doors to female models as well. Part of this vision for the future is maintaining a family like feel for all of our models, ensuring that we are providing them with the best possible management both in a business sense as well as on a personal level. Keeping the roster small and manageable is the key component to this personal approach.

We pride ourselves on planning each model’s career for the long term also making sure that we are offering aspiring new faces the most affordable way to start their career, the best education about the industry and its practices, and fitting them with the proper criteria and tools to be successful on their ventures.

Well known models, who are signed to I Model Management:Featured models on All about Models:

Brianna, Brianna (2), Ilana