Olga Myod – Image Discovery

Olga Myod @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) Please contact vfxo_discovery@yahoo.com for any questions

There are many models and new faces. It is to describe with “sand on the sea”. But well, you should be unique to go far in the business and you should have, what no one else has.

We think that Olga has these factors, that we named above. She’s unique and proming. She comes from the Ukraine and she’s freshly signed with Image Discovery in the Ukraine. Olga has in our eyes this certain touch of cuteness in her look, and you are able to discover this “x” factor in her. Olga is still very young and has enough time to build a future in the business. She’s now 5′8 tall or 172cm and she has measurements of 78-58-87. You should make sure to keep an eye on her future. Agcnies from all over the world are getting crazy about the young beauty. Olga’s first trip is already planned …