MP Management

MP Management

Address: Via Elia Lombardini, 10

20143 Milano, Italy

Phone: + 39 02 49 68 84 00

Fax: + 39 02 49 68 84 02


History of the agency:

MP MANAGEMENT s.r.l. is a division of the MP & Silva group (, one of the leading companies in sales of television rights for international sporting events.

MP MANAGEMENT was founded in January 2009 uniting experienced professionals from the modeling world with one of the most renowned casting studios in today’s market.

MP MANAGEMENT created a structure that offers the possibility to capitalize on important synergies between the world of fashion, sports and entertainment, while maintaining the primary objective in the formation, promotion and management of models from around the world, thanks to international scouting and a consolidated relationship with the largest international modeling agencies.

The extensive combined experience of the various managers and the prestige accorded team leader MP & SILVA ltd has already guaranteed MP MANAGEMENT a leading role in this industry; while the addition of personnel from various fields has allowed for the implementation of productive dynamics and management control which have been fundamental in instilling the quality of our services, like the realization of an online casting video upon request.

The organization of the information flow, the optimization of available resources, employee development, technology, the uniqueness of the offerings and a dynamic communications strategy are the instruments which we intend to utilize in order to earn the clients trust and transform MP MANAGEMENT into a household brand name.

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Molly Kucera

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