Model of the week Yana Sotnikova : “All About Models looks cool”

by Omario Harfouch


Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Green

Shoes: 9

Hips: 90

Waist: 60

Bust: 81

Height: 180

Mother Agency – Avant (Moscow)

Modeling agencies: Ford (NY), Women (Milano), Premier (London), OUI (Paris), Dmodels (Greece)

She came from Russia. Her mother agency is - Avant (one of the best agencies in Moscow). She is incredibly charming and catches attention on every of her shots by Nikita Manin and Lev Efimov . Signed to World’s most big agencies such as WOMEN (Milan). Followed by the fashion week in Milan, and participated in such shows likeAigner, John Richmond, Mauro Gasperi, Mila Schön. She also surprises us, shooting for Madame Figaro Greece, Glamour Russia, Collezioni, Book Moda, WE, Cosmopolitan …. Also signed to Ford (New York), walked at Fashion Week in New York , also shows as Vacca by Domenico Vacca, Binetti, Hervé Léger Pre-Fall 2011, Organic by John Patrick, Zang Toi, Pamella Roland, Chado Ralph Rucci, Christian Cota, Elie Tahari and etc
Yes, and it’s all about the wonderful and unique Yana Sotnikova, with the unforgettable face, her facial features are unusual and beautiful and these clearly defined cheekbones, making her look more expressive and attracting .
According to All About Models, beauty, grace, photogenic, love of work and a tremendous positive energy helped Yana to become “top of the top”.

How and when did you started modeling ?
I started to work as model not so long time ago. I have been working in Europe and USA for 7-8 month. i was discovered by one agency in moscow and very soon i switched it to Avant.

How would you describe yourself ?
- I cant describe myself) I am still searching myself. For now, i am just happy young girl who is very interested in this world.
What are in your opinion the best things in the modeling world ?


Trivial things as travelling, meeting people, learning, acting (my favourite)

Please tell us what the last job has left you have the greatest impression?


I am so bad) I am not really sensitive to these things now) Best impression was when i just started my career. For now I can just say u that i am excited about the job at Costa Rica that is happening soon.

You did many fashion shows. Are you still nervous before the show starts ? And how do you feel when you walk on the runway ?

- I am still nervous, but less< of course. I feel adrenaline, cause i feel that i am acting on this show stage)

Are there any models that inspire you ?


Natasha Polly and Abby Lee <3

What are your favorite sports, how much do you exercise and how do you manage your diet to stay in shape?

- Morning exercise, running in the evening. I did the test on food intolerance and now i can eat only fruits and veggies) but i am bad in keeping it)

Do you have any beauty secrets hat you would like to share with us ?

- Secrets are secrets) i am kidding) no i think everybody knows everything) sleep well, love urself, and remember that ur health is very important.

What are your goals in modeling?


Maybe i am strange, but i dont like to talk about it)

Tell us a little more about your hobbies. What are you doing when you’re not working?


I have same simple hobbies as all people do) i love biking, reading, drawing and etc. i really want to go on guitar courses and llearn italian language)

What’s your favorite music ?

- It varies. the music i am listening a lot for last week is a adriano chelentano, bymbox, lasgo

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

- On the top of the top) haha

What do you think of All About Models, please be specific)

- You should make a cool real movie about models) i cant say anything specific cause i just joined it. But i am pretty much sure i am gonna enjoy it) it looks cool)

Yana Sotnikova is an All About Models member: