Mode Models

Address: 1322 15th Avenue SW

T3C 0X7, Calgary Alberta, Canada

Phone: + 1 403 216 2770

Fax: + 1 403 216 2771


History of the agency:
Visionary, chic, ethical, audacious – these are the diverse words that describe Mode Models, a perennial name in the world of fashion. Mode Models is an international modeling agency that discovers, promotes and represents talent at the highest levels of the industry. And it’s far from a dull business. Mode deals in dreams, searching out unknowns for stardom. Many of those discovered quickly find themselves pacing catwalks in NY, Milan and Paris or spotting their faces on magazine covers.

But manifesting these dreams takes hard work and expertise. That’s where Mode’s superior management comes in. In the 80’s a young upstart named Kelly Streit began finding beautiful people in backwater towns on the Canadian Prairies and launching them to successful careers. Today Streit remains at the helm of the company he created. His business acumen and eye for talent continue to guide Mode as a four-agency, international powerhouse that manages hundreds of modeling careers around the globe.

Beautiful faces are the lifeblood of the company. Local offices in Calgary, Edmonton and Portland, Oregon actively recruit models by employing professional scouts, hosting model searches and producing high profile shows. Then the development begins. Mode guides each model step-by-step through the process. Industry insiders teach novices a host of vital skills. As they develop a book of pictures they learn how to walk on the runway, move for the camera and interact with clients. Intangibles like poise and presence are also fostered to ensure success in the competitive industry.

The benefit of Mode’s representation would be difficult to overstate.

Models are aggressively promoted to the best clients and agencies in the world. Mode’s men and women have modeled fashions for virtually every top designer on the planet. And through Mode’s extensive network of relationships with other agencies, models are “placed” with companies like Women, IMG, Elite, DNA in foreign markets. Thriving local markets in Alberta and the Northwest United States keep models busy when they return home. Some models, like Tricia Helfer and Katie Nauta, have turned their modeling success into acting careers and now star in major motion pictures and television shows. Though accomplishments and accolades are important, Mode has a vision of success that cannot be captured by a camera or measured in dollars and cents. The company’s leaders are people of faith and take strong ethical stances. As a bastion of traditional values Mode serves as a counterbalance against darker influences in the fashion world. Leaving home and traveling to a distant city is a formidable prospect for a young person. By working closely with family to lend moral support, Mode safeguards models as they begin their careers. A commitment to the wellbeing of models is core-deep.

Mode Models offers more than just a service or product; it symbolizes opportunity. With tremendous clout and vast experience the agency stands as a door – an access point through which the best clients encounter the greatest talents. For those with promise and dedication Mode Models can become a portal to a world of adventure and a life previously unimagined.

Well known models, who are signed to Mode Models:

Heather Marks, Johanna Stickland,  Kathleen Burbrigde, Kelsey Sirucek, Meghan Collison

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