Ming Management

Address: Coronel Lisboa, 450

São Paulo, Brazil

Phone: +55 11 50839539

Fax: + 55 11 5571-0168

Website: www.mingmanagement.com.br

History of the agency:

Ming Management is a modeling agency specialized in scouting and in international placements.

Its mission is constantly find out new faces, get them ready to work and launch them internationally, managing their careers through the best model agencies in the world, in all the continents.

It is headed by Ming Liao Tao, whom since 25 years ago, when decided to quit his doctor’s career, combines his knowledge of human anatomy and his passion for fashion & beauty in discovering, preparing, launching and guiding young anonymous people who believe and bet their dreams, turning them into models of international level.

Our differential, along with our vast experience and reputation built over the years, are the closest relationship we have with the great agencies, enabling our models to reach the best clients and obtaining all the personal and professional support needed.

As we strive to disseminate our models principles such as hard working, persistence and professionalism, it is not rare they become celebrities and professional of recognized talent in the course of their careers.

It was through Ming Management that were introduced to the international market names such as Reynaldo Gianecchini, Aline Morais, Raquel Zimmerman, Anna Hickmann, Débora Nascimento, Mariana Felicio, Ana Furtado, Cintia Benini, Renata Maranhão, Juliana Didone, Carolina Parson (Chilean Celebrity) Amanda Brandão, Thomaz de Oliveira, among other models of international expression