MHI (Michael Hooker International)

Address: Suite 1d Street James Apartments, 28 wellesley Street East

1010, Auckland, New zealand

Phone: + 64 9 3544 044

Fax: + 64 9 3544 047


History of the agency:
MHI assists and works along side the mother agents of select New Zealand agencies. MHI solely concentrates on the international part of the business and offers a unique professional one-to-one service tailored to each model to achieve their full potential internationally. This is a unique service not offered by any other in New Zealand!

MHI was founded in January 2004 by Michael Hooker and Hodi Poorsoltan. Michael with now over 19 years of experience as a booker, scout, event organiser and agency manger in New Zealand and London; and Hodi, 23 years of corporate experience as a researcher, information specialist and manager in New York and Tokyo. Between both of them, they bring knowledge and expertise of the industry as well as cultural, artistic and people skills on a global scale. Michael and Hodi travel regularly to most destinations the models travel, to gain first hand knowledge of the model’s agencies, market, trends, and ever changing of social and economic conditions of each city.

Well known models, who are signed to MHI:

Featured models on All about Models:

Grace Hollows