Metro Models , Zurich


Established in Zurich in 2010, Metro Models is a young, dynamic modeling agency committed to promoting top talent and exciting new faces to the fashion industry. In a short time our passion, vision and expertise have helped build a foundation that has worked as a benefit for any model represented by us. More than just an agency, Metro offers complete career development, worldwide placement and personalized management to help our models achieve their goals and stay at the top of the business. Our dedicated team carefully select top talent and experienced models with the belief in their long-term success and happiness.

With its headquarters in Zurich and scouting offices in Moscow we apply the qualities of Swiss management to the immense modeling resources of Russia. Our friendly team of international partners are able to explain the ins and outs of the fashion industry across cultures. As with the start of any new career, there is also a steep learning curve in this business: What is a test? What is a casting? What is a placement? Having answered these questions, we build each model’s career for the long term, always taking their strengths and personal circumstances into account. This will maximize their potential, their job satisfaction and the opportunities available to them. Likewise we build our client and partner relationships for the long term, seeking consistently to have the best modeling talent available to them.


Metro Models
Haldenstrasse 46
CH-8045 Zurich
Tel: +41765233876