Meet Abby !

Abby England @ Elite Model Management (New York)

Back to an exellant new face from the USA. Well, she’s quite new and has this incredible potential. And this is not only our opinion, Jonathan Leder , one of the leading photographers in New York City, told us about her only the best, she’s an amazing girl ! And if he says this, you can be sure, that she’s realy special and that there is no doubt in Abby. Well, the young beauty was discovered by the American boutique agency, Elite Model Management. Abby is 5′9 tall, or 175 centimeters, with such a natural face shape, such blue piercing eyes and such a promising look. She has a real chance to have a promising career. Take a look at her natural pictures, which were a shot by Jonathan Leder. Write Abby’s name down.