Masha Tyelna is back

Masha Tyelna @ Nika Models (Ukraine), City Models (Paris), Elite Models (Milan) & Trump Models (New York)

Masha Tyelna is a model, that probably all of us will still remember in a while. She’s so unique and so different compared with the other models. Have you ever seen such eyes ? We haven’t….  Well, Masha is simply unique.

We are here today to share some of Masha pictures with you and to tell you a little more about Masha. She was one of the first models, which has caught in our eyes. She started her modeling career with a big success and was doing all the big jobs. From Christian Dior, Jil Sander up to Miu Miu and Vogue. And these are just a few names. Masha launched her modeling career in 2007 with Nika Models in the Ukraine. She worked with Storm Models and Women Management in all the years, then she did a little break, went to Asia, did some nice editorials there and did a second debut in the fashion business with new agencies. Masha is right now working with City Models in Paris, Elite Models in Milan and Trump Models in New York City. We at All about Models would like to see Masha again on the runways. You never know what the future will bring. So, be ready!

Ps, for everybody who was wondered that Masha didn’t appear in any fashion show last season. She had some visa problems.

The pics that you can see below are very fresh …

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