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Address: 24-32 Union Square East, PH

10003, New York, USA

Phone: 212-260-6500

Fax: 212-260-0821


History of the agency:
Ten years ago this year, in 1998, Marilyn Gauthier brought her eponymous self titled agency ‘Marilyn’ to New York City.
Following her huge success in Paris during the heyday of the ‘Supermodel’ and the agency subsequently being the most famous and most successful in France; it was a natural choice to make a presence in the ‘other’ fashion capital: New York.

Thoroughly selective and with a taste for beautiful, yet individual models; The ‘Marilyn’ style of management is as particular and unique as the models we represent. Investing time, care and a personalized vision for each model to have a fully rounded career with energy especially invested in making them stars.

With enthusiasm and strength of management, the last decade has seen Marilyn become a powerhouse agency in New York and subsequently the fruits of that continuing work can be seen time and time again, season after season in the building of star models, the introduction of the most desirable new faces and an enviable resume of the most famous campaigns, shows, editorials and close ties and affiliations with the biggest names in the industry.

This boutique style of agency which Marilyn pioneered, has brought her visionary taste and personal style to the fashion and beauty industry, worldwide. Intuitive and avant garde, with a talent of anticipating and setting trends – Marilyn Model Management is continually lauded and respected for its ethics and professionalism.

Internationally omnipresent with agencies in Paris and New York, and strong ties and affiliations in Brazil and Eastern Europe; Marilyn goes from strength to strength.

Hannah Davis, Hailey Clauson, Iekeline Stange, Inguna Butane, Irina Lazareanu

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