Mandarina Models

Address: 5-7, Tudor Vianu, Sector 1,

011635, Bucharest, Romania

Phone: + 4 0213179894

Fax: + 4 0213179894


History of the agency:
MANDARINA was created by accident in 2005 by few enthuziasts with limited knowledge in fashion. We will always remember that times – funny happenings, big expenses, poor results. Then, our model Carolina came with the good idea to start looking at Moldova! We are still gratefull to her ! After some time, helped by few enlighted people (I will mention now Mario Catana and Ionut Staicu), … we developed. We are gratefull to all the people helping us (magazines, local clients, our past, present and future models, all the artists – photographers, make – up artists, stylists and hair stylists, local and foreign agencies, blogs & sites). We are few but very passionate about what we are doing, from scouting to booking, from shooting to blogging!

Well known models, who are signed to Mandarina Models:

Alexandrina Turcan

Featured models on All about Models:

Ana Gilca, Andreea, Florentina Storian, Oana, Olga Savina

Raisa, Valeria Braileanu