M4’s development diaries …

Well, it’s a day of a special test. Some of the faces from M4 Models were a part of this test. We thought it’s a good idea to introduce some of the pictures here with the faces. Frederika, Kathlen and Patricija were a part from this test, who were a shot by Alexander Straulino . He’s one of the leading photographers in Germany.

Patricija Zilinskaite @ M4 Models (Germany)

Patricija is one of these unforgettable faces. I introduced her already some time ago here. She has definitely a rising potential and an unique look. Patriciya was discovered by Baltic Models in Lithuania, she’s as well with IMG Models Worldwide and M4 Models in Germany. The 17 years old beauty was two months in Tokyo, where she has stayed with Switch Models. Patricija has a height of precious 177 centimeters (84-60-89). Take a look at her flawless single picture. Isn’t she natural ? She is it, such a symmetrical face shape, such impressive and mysterious eyes with such a soft and strong gaze…
Kathlen Hantsch @ M4 Models (Germany)

Kathlen was the second girl that got caught in our eyes. She’s one of the German new faces. Her mother agency is the German power house, M4 Models. She walked already in some shows, while the Berlin fashionweek was. Kathlen is with her height of glorious 176 centimeters (88-59-88) simply great for editorials and shows. She has such a simply gorgeous face shape. These uncanny green eyes and these fresh and impressive facial expressions. The German beauty is definitely a girl, who has the chance of a promising career. Take a look at her precious sinlge pictures and write Kathlen’s name down.

Frederike Holst @ M4 Models (Germany)
Now comes the third girl and the last one for today. Her name is Frederike. Frederike is also one of the German new faces of the board from M4 Models. She has definitely the certainly special without any doubt. A well formed face, two green piercing eyes and a strong facial expression with a touch of freshness. The German beauty has a height of simply great 180 centimeters (82-60-88). Our impression of Frederika is huge. We don’t see often faces like hers. Have a look at her impressive single picture. Frederika is a girl that should be stayed in our minds for a long time.