Lisa Bommerson at City Models” A boy should be able to make me laugh!”

Lisa Bommerson / All About Models

by Omario Harfouch & Sandy Lowe:

The following Interview came up with the plan to introduce you a true attention getter: Lisa Bommerson from Groningen, the Netherlands, is besides her Motheragency City Models Paris also represented by DNA New York, Elite Milan and FM Agency in London. Lisa is known for her unusual beauty, a great height of 1.81m and especially the personality of this leading light will leave you mightily impressed!

Lisa your look is very unique! What do you see when looking in the mirror ?

When I look in the mirror I see a girl that is modest, but not afraid to be herself. I gained a lot of confidence through modeling. And yes I think that I am pretty :-)

When and how have you been discovered?

In 2008, when I was 15, I went to a Modelconvention in Den Haag, Holland. I always really loved fashion, and especially the artistic side of it (hence I have more than 200 fashion magazines at home). And I knew that my profession would be something in fashion, but I did not really know exactly what. And then when I started growing, and people kept on telling me that I could be a model (I also got scouted on the street quite a few times), I thought that maybe I should be the model! And then I gave myself up for the contest, and I won (together with Melissa Tammerijn, she was there too). Then first I finished my high school in 2010, so I’ve been modeling full time for a year now.

Who are the people who have had an influence on your development?

Of course I really want to thank my parents for believing in me and supporting me with my traveling and I really want to thank all my bookers! They do all the work for me, and I would not be able to model without them.

Lisa Bommerson / All About Models

Do you have any inspirations, like other Models you met whose work and approach to the fashion industry has had an impact on you ?

There are three models that I find very inspiring. I really like Coco Rocha, she was in practically every magazine. And then I started googling her and I found out so many things about her and the industry and I found it so interesting! I wasn’t obsessed with her, but it came very close haha. Too bad i haven’t met her yet! And then there is Gemma Ward. Her look is just out of this world. I love every shoot she has done, and her acting skills are so good. She is really good in the movie Black Balloon. And at the moment I really like Sasha Pivovarova. Her look is so intense, and her artwork is also very inspiring.

If you were to sum up your point of view, what would it be?

Fashion is a piece of art. If you look at an editorial or a campaign, at first it looks like ‘just a photo’. But there are so many people involved in it and they all are so talented. From the make-up artist who knows what make-up works for a girl and how to apply it, to the stylist who knows all about what works for that special project and what is and what’s not ‘hot’ in fashion right now, and the photographer who knows how the light works and how to use colors to the hair artist who is able to make the most amazing hairpieces in the world… I just love it when it all works and comes together to one piece of art: the final picture.

Lisa Bommerson / All About Models

Where are you at the moment and where are you off next ?

Right now I am in New York, to work a bit and meet important clients. I’ll stay here for one more week, and then I am off for holidays! I will spend a lot of time with my family and my 3 best friends. So exciting!

Like in every job you are going to have ups and downs in everything. How do you handle disappaointments in your day-to-day life as a Model ?

In the beginning, I found It quite hard to handle with rejections. But now Im like ” Just move on.” All the girls are perfect in their own way, and it is just impossible to get booked for every job. I’ve learned to just be confident and don’t take things too personal.

Lisa Bommerson / All About Models

What does your family and childhood friends think about modeling?

My family is really proud of me, and I think especially my grandma. I really love her. When she was younger she was asked to be a model too. She also has a lot of interest in fashion (magazines, style, clothes) and we love to talk about it together. And then she shows me her photo’s from when she was a teen and how fashionable she looked! I cant wait to see her again! And my friends like my job as well, even so we dont get to see each other often. I miss them a lot but I do stay in touch with them through Skype.

Random : What do boys need to sweep of your feet ?

They have to be taller than me haha! And he as to be able to make me laugh, and make me feel comfortable. It’s also a plus if he likes art.

Lisa Bommerson / All About Models

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