Lina Smaliukaite – PMST


Lina Smaliukaite @ PMST (Czech Rebublik), D Management (Milan), DNA (New York), Models1 (London)

Yes, there is another editorial in Material Girl, that we would like to introduce here. It’s simply eye-catching and strong. This is probably because of Lina Smaliukaite. She’s one of the models, who have an interesting and playful presence in front of the camera, especially in front of Andrea Carter-Bowman’s camera. (Andrea is in our eyes definitely one of the leading fashion photographers in London) Well, back to Lina. And to her editorial, which is named “Lina was born in the nineties“, and yes this is true (she was exactly born in 1990). Lina has beside her brilliant look a silhouette of 5′10 (178m. 81-61-87). She comes from Lithuania and was discovered by PMST. Not long time after this happening, she signed as well with DNA in New York, D Management in Milan and Models1 in London. Lina left her first marks all over the world in editorials as in fashion shows. What’s else to tell about Lina ? Make sure to have a look on Lina’s editorial.