Lais Oliveira – Way, Place, Storm, Supreme and Women Management

Lais Oliveira @ Way Models (Brazil), Place (Hamburg), Storm (London), Supeme (New York) and Women (Milan & Paris)

It’s time to continue with our polaroid project. Today you can see Lais Oliveira with some lovely new polaroids on All about Models. Furthermore we will tell you a little more about Lais Oliveira.

Well, Lais is from Brazil. She started her modeling career in 2006 with Way Model Management in Brazil (her mother agency). It was after a short time certain, that Lais is more than just a pretty face. She went to New York City with Supreme Management and made her debut during the New Yorker fashion week, where she walked for almost every big brand, from Chanel up to YSL and many more. It followed a strong placement with Place Models in Germany, Storm Models in London and Women Management in Milan & Paris, many editorials even for magazines such as Vogue and campaigns for Lacoste. That was the breakthrough for Lais Oliveira and her jump into the business.

Now, 4 years after this – Lais is still a very successful model. She has in the eyes of All about Models a thrilling look. And a spectacular face, that you will always remember.  We’re happy to introduce you Lais new polaroids from Brazil.