Ksenia Usova “I’ve always liked modelling and always wanted to be a model.”

Ksenia Usova for All About Models.

by Omario Harfouch & Allegra Alvarez:

Ksenia Usova is our beauty of the day, She’s signed to Traffic in Spain and New Madison in Paris. With her gorgeous almond eyes , luscious lips and amazing body’s structure, Ksenia Usova is one of the most attractive faces that All About Models came across. We can’t wait to see what’s the next step for this Russian raising star !

Tell us about yourself.

I can tell you that I am a pretty girl,fond of modeling and fashion. Often visit websites like models.com, style.com, All About Models … etc

How did you get into modeling ? Were you scouted or did you go to see an agency ?

I’ve always liked modelling and always wanted to be a model. Some friends told me that I have an unusual beauty ,face and I need to give modelling a shot ! Than I sent some photos to the model agency and they invited me to do some tests.

What do you enjoy the most about modeling ?

I like traveling,visiting new cities and countries,meeting different people,communicate with them.

Ksenia Usova for All About Models.

How do you see yourself in 5 years in this industry ?

I don’t know know yet clearly. The time will show !

How do you see yourself progress in this field?

It is difficult to predict something because modeling is so changeable. Sometimes you see so beautiful thin girl and think: “Why she isn’t a top model?” but sometimes you see even “ugly girl” but clients like her wich is strange for me.

Ksenia Usova for All About Models.

Would you share with us some of your future projects ?

Now I’m in Paris. Just have done a campaign for Franck Muller watches.

How would describe your personal style ?

Casual, sometimes classical. I like stilettos so much !

What do you think of All About Models ?

I think it is a good site about models,especially about new faces in this industry.
I have it on my bookmarks !

Ksenia Usova is an All About Models member : http://allaboutmodels.me/profile/KseniaUsova