Kendell Tobin – Clyne

Kendell Tobin @ Clyne Management (Auckland)

Auckland has great new faces, especially on the board from Clyne Management . They are, a leading boutique agency, with many stunning faces. Every face from Cylne is different. One is cute, the other one is edgy, And the next one, is mysterious. Kendell is a mix from these three kinds. She’s not a classical beauty, she’s a very unique beauty with a rising potential. Such a face shape is very difficult to find. Her face is very soft and very symmetrical. With these melancholy and impressive eyes, is Kendell, simply great. She’s very young and still in her development, but she has already a shadow picture of 178 centimeters. Take a look at her 3 single pictures, from her first test. Isn’t she cute and so flawless? Kendell is definitely a girl that should be stayed in our minds.