Katya Sokolova – Noah

Katya Sokolova @ Noahmodels (Russia)

New faces are all over the world. We are impressed of many from them, but then there are other ones, which thrill your minds. And these ones are even more unique, than unique. Katya is one of them. She’s definitely one of our development diaries in November. Katya’s face is able to make from a rainy day a sunny day, it’s simply special. Mysterious blue eyes and a gaze, which is to describe with softness and cuteness. The young beauty has a silhouette of 180m. (81-61-88). She was discovered by Noahmodels in Russia. Have a look on her single pictures, Katya’s presence in front of the camera is huge and really natural. She’s a girl, which will have a brilliant future. We’ll be able to hear very soon unique news of Katya. Have also a look on supermodels.nl ,where is Katya as well featured !