Kat – Ford Models

Kat @ Ford Models (New York)

Ford Models have always some of the greatest new faces on their board. Every new face of Ford Models, has her own look, but all have one thing in common. The promising and unique look. Kat, is one of their promising new faces. She’s very new and was discovered, through the V Magazine/Ford Model Contest. Kat is very impressive. She has an intensive and powerful gaze. It’s difficult to find the correct words for this kind of facial expressions, if you take a touch of cuteness and a touch of uniqueness. You will get a mix of both and then, if you give a bit of enchanting into this mix, you will get Kat, a 17 years old beauty from the USA. She’s still in her development, her potential is huge. Take a look at her precious pictures, which were a shot by Jonathan Leder .