Address: 11, rue des Arquebusiers

75003, Paris, France

Phone: + 331 58 62 28 65

Fax: + 331 42 74 57 70

Website: www.justwm.com

History of the agency:
WM is a full-service talent management and fashion consulting firm founded by Bruno Jamagne and Federico Denti in 2008. Combining a model management department and a consulting bureau offering celebrity-focused services and brand management facilities, WM is aiming at becoming the unique and inevitable link between fashion and entertainment.

Federico Denti and Bruno Jamagne met at Women Management, where they collaborated during 4 fabulous years, that resulted in a 300% increase of the company’s sales, ranking the agency amongst the world’s best agencies list, thanks to Federico’s entrepreneurship skills and Bruno’s unparalleled experience in model management.

Before being appointed as Women Management’s CEO in 2004, Federico spent his entire career in the trading business. After graduating from UCLA, he would run several companies, both in Italy and the US, constantly travelling the world and ultimately forging an unrivaled ability in business negociations.

Bruno, a real selfmade man and a true fashion insider, enjoys a reputation amongst the business key players for being one of the most professional and smartest booking agents in the world. First an editorial agent at Karin, then a director of sales at IMG, Bruno joined Women Management in 2004. Throughout his career he helped launching some of the most sought-after models’ careers, such as Gisele Bundchen, Gemma Ward and more recently Natasha Poly.

After 4 years of fruitful collaboration at Women Management that ultimately gained them the recognition and respect of the business, they decided to start a new project that would fully embody their approach and vision of the market. Aware of the day-to-day difficulties encountered by their clients who constantly have to deal with numerous different persons at numerous different specialized companies when working on one single project, they imagined a global concept that would be able to provide a 360° service, therefore increasing reactivity, reducing costs, and giving a better quality of service.

Well known models, who are signed to JUST WM:

Hanna Samokhina, Johanna Kneppers, Luca Gajdus, Yuliana Dementyeva
Upcoming new faces, who are signed to Ford Models:

Featured models on All about Models:

Bianca O’Brien, Florentina Storian, Isabella SamboLaura Schuller, Nastya Pindeeva,


By All about Models:

Bianca O’brien