Julieta Miquelarena doesn’t like that some models starve themselves !

julietaJulieta Miquelarena (pictures source DMAG)

by Omario Harfouch & Allegra Alvarez:

16 years old beauty from Love Model Management in Argentina, this girl is so hard to miss, a long blond hair and hot blue eyes you can’t get enough of staring at her.

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Julieta (or July )got into modeling when she was 15, she started by submitting her pictures and came across her current agency Love she said : « The decision was easy, because I found a Love Model Management, and which covered all my expectations! I’m in Love Model Management »

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July enjoys being in front of the camera because she likes sending a certain message through her pictures and believes that he career as a model really inspires her, some aspects that this young lady doens’t enjoy about modeling is the fact that some models starve themselves to be super skinny and the end for these models is nothing but tragic ! July thinks that it’s important to be healthy to reflect a good image of herself in the industry.

Julieta stills going to school and she wants to make it big in the industry and for that she’s 100 % consious that she has to work hard to reach her aim.

Julieta is an All About Models member and this is her opinion about the network : « Well, I love All About Models, it’s a way to stay connected and know our jobs. The idea of creating the network was even better, it’s very nice and we appreciate it. It’s a network that does not create competition, we share our work and comment on others. Even we’re able to see new models and the best models, wich is great ! »

Julieta’s profile : http://allaboutmodels.me/profile/JulietaMiquelarena

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