Juliana Biedrzicki – Way

Juliana Biedrzicki @ Way Models (Brazil)

We asked ourselves if there are many girls, who have this certain striking look. Well, the answer is no, but one of them, who has caught in our eyes, through this certain look is Juliana Biedrzicki. She’s unusual and has special features. From her promising face, her lovely freckless, up to her strong facial expressions. In addition Juliana has a height of 5′9 (175m. 78-60-86). Well, she comes from Brazil, is 19 years old and she was discovered by Way Models in Sao Paulo. Juliana’s presence in front of the camera is confident and interesting, especially in front of Josefina Bietti camera. Make sure to have a look on Juliana’s single pictures. She’s in our eyes a girl, that will have a future in the modeling industry