Joy Model Management

Address: Via San Vittore 40/42

20123, Milan, Italy

Phone: +3902 481 8940

Fax: +3902 498 4196


History of the agency:
Joy model management has been open and operating as a prestigious mens agency in Milan, Italy, since 1992. Since recently opening their women’s division, Joy has quickly established themselves as a contender in the very competitive Milanese market. Joy offers a full range of services to their models and their clients include all of the most prestigious magazines and designers.

Well known models, who are signed to Joy Model Management:

Anemone Von Blomberg, Aysche Tiefenbrunner, Charlotte Nolting, Dorith Mous, Erin Heatherton
Mimmi Soderstrom, Milou Sluis, Siri Tollerod, Siri Crafoord, Zippora Seven

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Rebeka Zuborova