Ivet Fashion model agency

Address: str.Tzar Asen 32

Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

Phone: + 359 (2) 986 22 25

Fax: + 359 (2)986 22 65

Website: www.ivetfashion.com

History of the agency:

Ivet Grigorova founded “IVET FASHION”, popular as “agency of young stars” in 1994.

Since then Ivet Fashion has been discovering and making the big names of Bulgarian fashion industry.

It was exactly Ivet Fashion that first brougth to Bulgaria the spirit of elite European fashion shows and the high standard in choosing the top models. A staff of experts is making the image of models and is concerned with their publicity in Bugaria and abroad.

Due to their frequent showing in the world defiles, the young top models of the agency are the first in Bulgaria who learn the newest steps and also the first who impose them on the Bulgarian stage.

That is why the models Ivet Fashion are among the most looked for by fashion designers and the pictures of the models are gleming from the covers of the most prestigious fashion magazines.

They have been chosen not only for presentation of clothes but also for participation in big TV commercial clips.

Fashion agency Ivet Fashion created top models as Emiliya Drenkova, Viktoriya Jovcheva, Veronika Metodieva, Silvia Dimitrova, Karina Nedelcheva, Mariya Angelova, Tedy Angelova, Marya Runyova, Christina Mileva.

Well known models, who are signed to Ivet fashion:

Featured models on All about Models:

Simona Stoyanova