Model of the Week Irina Rozhik describe herself : “A bit crazy” !!!

by Omario Harfouch & Anastasia Kirikova


Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Shoes: 40

Hips: 88

Waist: 58

Bust: 84

Height: 178

Mother Agency – IQ Models

Irina Rozhik , our member on All About Models , was born in Kiev. This high fragile girl (height 178 cm, measurements of 84-58-88) had already worked in Singapure with the best agencies AVE and Mannequin, Malaysia, Thailand, Jakarta, and shouted there for the covers of major magazines such as L `Officiel, Elle, Style, FEMALE. In the arsenal of Irina many beautiful and completely different image and character of the shootings. Her face represents a rare but necessary combination for the model: after seeing it once, it is impossible to forget, but it may be completely different. Clear eyes, blond hair, harmonious, biting the soul, beauty and undeniable elegance – it all seemed to make her photo to emit light, catchy, does not release the opinion. According to All About Models, Irina is one of the most promising individuals in the modeling world.

How and when did you started modeling ?
- Actually, my first meeting with modelling was in model school in native town, but you must understand that it was not fashion buisness, just time waste. But without this I wouldn’t understand that I want to work in modeling business. One of Russian modeling sites became the first step on a way to work as model for me. My first agent saw my page with the first test photos also has suggested to work. But then I have understood that at us with it different understanding modeling  and I had to change mother agency.

How would you describe yourself ?

- A bit mad, enamoured of own imagination, with a large quantity of ideas in a head which do me even more crazy. And in general it is better to ask about my description of people with which I worked, they I think will give the most true description. Because it is difficult to me to judge and speak about myself. Look at my photos, I always give a part of the soul on shootings, thats why through the image it is possible to look in my personal world.

What are in your opinion the best things in the modeling world ?

- Possibility  to be oneself.  Every day different, and anybody  won’t condemn me for this. And still modelling gives me huge inspiration. Basically that is necessary nothing for me, besides that look daily happy eyes of the photographer, talking with talented stylists. For me modelling its art, let people also consider that it simply buasiness, for me it on former remains creativity both I hope that and remains, after all without it I can’t simply work.

You did  many fashion shows. Are you still nervous before the show starts ? And how do you feel when you walk on the runway ?
- Fairly I do not nervous at all, only I take pleasure. When I go on a podium not feel anything especial. Probably it because that I  didn’t open Prada yet when I will be I will let to you know in what a difference).

Are there any models that inspire you ?

- There is no. I even don’t know who now in a top. I know only a few names. I simply work because I love and I want to prove to myself that I stand something. That’s all. And others if it is fair to me simply aren’t interesting.

Do you have any beauty secrets hat you would like to share with us ?

- Yoga as style of life. Helps will get rid of internal experiences and constantly to hold a body in the excellent form.But probably, my secrets are rather banal. To eat healthy food, it is constant  sports, constantly to watch itself. To love itself and people around. This the most important thing.

What are your goals in modeling?
- Know, as though they in modelling only that see didn’t tell to model that the world or is simple talking with interesting people. All inside have a part of that she wants to become a top. Whether I don’t know I want to be a top, probably I want. But in the beginning I want to try, look as well as that. To probably me it will bother but I will take with modeling business expirience for other work. Time will tell.

Tell us a little more about your hobbies. What are you doing when you’re not working?

- I madly love art in any display. Pictures, architecture, a sculpture, the literature. I can lose count of time visiting the art center. From favourite authors of Frantsuaza Sagan, Milan Kundera, Uilki Collins, John Brown, Tommi Djuar, Nikolay Kozlov, Onore де Balzac, Dejl Carnegie, Haruki Murakkami and others

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

- I hope to this time to work in Europe, to prove that I  I stand something, I will get hand in and I will finish the photos to perfect. Also I will probably find more serious and not such stressful employment which I will be doing after the termination modelling. Or maybe I l be famous model) After 10 years wel see.

What do you think of All About Models, please be specific)

- Now I think I dont may be specific because last time I little bit tired and now suppost to go to studio. But I like All models because its art, fashion and design together. And also such asmazing craszy peoples)
Irina Rozhik is an All About Models member